Simple processes, for your teams and suppliers
Customised workflow, built to your requirements
Clear reporting, to monitor progress

Effective lifecycle management gets products live faster

Products go through various stages to get live. Moving quickly through these stages results in more time on shelf, higher sales and less discounting.


Clear actions and reporting is essential. SKUlibrary is designed to deliver simple to follow processes to minimise the time to go live, and customised reports to deal with issues quickly.

Simple processes to follow

SKUlibrary is used by a diversity of colleagues in our business for copywriting, image upload, data entry, and workflow management.

To be efficient, we make these processes as easy to use as possible. Teams are presented with only the information and tools they need, without the confusion of unnecessary complexity. This means colleagues get going faster, with minimal training

Workflow customised to
your requirements

Workflow typically involves a notification of an action to be undertaken when a product reaches a certain status. These are configurable in SKUlibrary either by the client or SKUvantage.

End to end product lifecycle management can be designed, from product conception through to archiving. This reduces the need for spreadsheet upload and cross-referencing between systems.

Clear reporting of status, quality and blockages

For content production, SKUlibrary reports on workflow by the status of images, descriptions and data entry, together with the overall product status. This means products can go live when a threshold amount of content is available, if required.

Together with the status of samples, legal sign off, and content quality, dashboards present a clear view on where products are held up in the process and take the necessary action.

SKUlibrary logo

We actually use our own product!

SKUlibrary is the platform developed by SKUvantage to manage the product content production for our clients. So our photographers, editors, copywriters, and data entry teams use SKUlibrary all day.

This means we need to make it as efficient and easy to use as possible to give our clients high quality, low-cost product content. We and our clients also need clarity on the status of our production jobs. So we have built reporting in SKUlibrary that keeps us efficient and is suitable for a diversity of client requirements.


For its new marketplace proposition, a major furniture retailer chose SKUlibrary to help manage the product lifecycle.

  1. Suppliers would create product nominations in SKUlibrary.
  2. Notifications of new products would be sent to the retailer’s buyer teams who would accept or reject the nomination.
  3. Approvals triggered a request for more product content from the supplier.
  4. The supplier would load product content into SKUlibrary and submit for approval. If the supplier required support, SKUvantage would help them create or load the content.
  5. The retailer buyers could see the queue of products for approval both on SKUlibrary and in Google Sheets.
  6. Buyers could approve products which would trigger them to go live, or reject them which would send a further request with reason to the supplier.

This solution minimised the work on the retailer teams to launch new products and helped suppliers engage in a new exciting proposition with less effort

Solve your product content challenges

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