Having your product content up to date and correct on retailer’s web sites is important to drive sales and get a return on your investment in new product development.

SKUvantage works hard to ensure our clients’ content gets to retailers’ sites, both by developing relationships with retailers’ digital teams and technology to work to the retailers’ requirements.

SKUlibrary has feeds into the major retailers to deliver images and data, designed to automate the process of loading this content to their sites. It is then important to ensure this content has loaded as required. Given the complex nature of feeds and retailer internal processes, issues may occur, and we want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to identify these.

The Clavis platform monitors the retailers’ web sites and then compares this content to that which should be there, and produces reports for vendors to easily identify gaps. To do this efficiently requires a source of truth, which for our clients is the images and data in SKUlibrary.

To make the Clavis reporting as accurate as possible, we have worked with Clavis to develop a feed of our clients’ content into the Clavis platform. 

If you would like to enable this feed for your products, please just complete the form to the right and this will be set up. To recoup the costs of operating and developing this solution there is a small charge of $75 per month.

If you spot an error for any of your products on selected retailers’ sites, you can report these issues at this page.

If you are having any issue with this form, please fill this form out here