Report an Issue on a Retailer’s Site

We take getting our clients’ content accurately onto retailers’ web sites very seriously and work hard to make this happen. If you see an issue, we want to know.

If you believe there is an issue of content not correctly reflected on a retailer’s web site from the list below, please submit a ticket via the below form and we will look into it for you.

BEFORE reporting an issue, please check that:

  1. The product is Published in SKUlibrary.
  2. The relevant retailer is selected under Retailer Visibility on the product in SKUlibrary.
  3. The product does not have a future Online Date or past Offline Date set in SKUlibrary.
  4. The product has been available for more than 10 working days.

In addition, view the retailer web page in “incognito mode” to remove any caching of content that is causing old images to appear (or you can clear your cache).

PLEASE READ before reporting an issue:

  • The standard time for content to appear on Coles online or in catalogue systems is 10 days from when they receive the images.
  • 24 hours before new data is loaded to a product on Coles online, all data on the product is rolled back to empty.
  • Woolworths are rejecting images where the CoOL does not match the CoOL statement in their system. If you notice missing images from Woolworths, please ensure that your CoOL data is accurate to the product by contacting your category team to update the data. Then, please ask us to resend the content.
  • Retailers do not pull Product Names from SKUlibrary. To have these updated, please reach out to your category manager.
  • BIG W cannot accept updates to product images or data through their automated feed with SKUlibrary. To have updates to product content sent through, please submit a ticket for us to manually deliver this to them.

Due to varying turnarounds on the retailer’s end, we cannot provide an ETA for this process. We will let you know once the content is corrected online. Any updates/issues from the retailers will be provided as we receive them.

Report an issue using this form