RB Product Content


Like all FMCG companies, RB has a challenge of positioning product information and content in front of consumers. They are at the mercy of retailers to capture and display content appropriately.

To take control, RB selected SKUvantage to capture complete product content for its full product range. This could then be shared with retailers and used internally for applications such as sales tools.

From its experience working with major grocery retailers, SKUvantage advised on a data model and captured full product content accordingly. SKUvantage also captured catalogue and ecommerce imagery which can be repurposed for almost any media. SKUvantage and RB then shared this product content with retailers.

With all pack information available to retailers, this content gives consumers the same experience online as they would in store. For the first time, RB has all its customer facing product content in one place, and on SKUlibrary, ready to be shared with business partners.

RB Product Content

The Challenge

  • Getting product content onto retailer web sites is a major challenge. This was leaving product poorly presented to consumers
  • It was necessary to lower the cost of creating, managing and distributing images and data content, versus the current solution
  • Keeping this content maintained is a challenge, resulting in a degradation over time and ongoing business e ort to manage
  • RB needed to rapidly gather all product content for storing in its new global Product Information Management system

Our Approach

  • Using our experience working with online grocery retailers, SKUvantage advised on the appropriate data model and image types to capture
  • SKUvantage provided a fully managed turnkey solution, to deliver a full set of product content which could then be easily maintained
  • SKUvantage captured all content required to give consumers the same experience online as in store, together with catalogue imagery
  • SKUvantage then supported RB in providing this content into retailers, including Coles and online pharmacies

The Result

  • RB now has all customer facing product content consolidated and easily accessible on SKUlibrary
  • This product content was distributed to major retailers to ensure complete features and benefits are presented across the full range
  • Improved internal business process opportunities and better relationships with retailers in relation to product content
  • Content can now be kept up to date with lower cost, simpler and faster maintenance, versus the established process

“Getting product content onto retailer web sites is a major challenge. It is both time consuming and a major distraction for our category managers. The content provided by SKUvantage enables us to populate our own product information management system with up to date product content, and also give a full set of product images and data content to our retailer customers. Our brands have benefited with an improved presentation of product features on retailer web sites, with minimal effort from our business. SKUvantage has been an excellent partner. They adapted to our needs and provided a fit for purpose solution to help meet our business objectives.”

– Andrew Wong, Digital Strategy Manager, RB