Our team

SKUvantage was founded in 2012 from a recognition of the need to solve the problem of product content for retailers and their suppliers. We have since grown to a substantial team of committed, conscientious and customer-focused colleagues. Our reviews speak to our team’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our skills encompass product content creation (photography, data and video), production management, customer service, data analysis, copywriting, editing, technology development, and helping our clients get the most out of product content. Our services cover SKUvantage, SKUlibrary and SKUcapture, delivering a full suite of solutions to retailers, suppliers and their business partners. We are the only organisation we know of with such a comprehensive, one-stop shop solution for solving product content, in Australia and possibly the world (really!).

A selection of the team that looks after SKUlibrary is below, with numerous others behind the scenes.


Daniel Roberts

Founder & CEO

Throughout his career in retail and industry Daniel has held numerous roles involved in the strategy, implementation, and execution of the product content capture teams and processes. He has seen the pain that poor product content causes for businesses and their bottom line, but also how a well run process can make a significant improvement to sales and business efficiency. Recognising that digital product content is now a critical business requirement, Daniel founded SKUvantage in 2012, to help solve this problem for all businesses.


Angie O'Rielly

Head of Business Development

Angie is a seasoned sales professional, manager, facilitator, and trainer with 20+ years of experience in business development, marketing and operations. Angie has an infectious energy  –  if anyone can make solving product content exciting, she can! Angie is passionate about people and embraces core values of service, integrity and innovation and values her relationships with clients. In her role, Angie is the key contact for SKUlibrary demonstrations, onboarding and training for new clients and account management for existing clients.


Alistair Orchard


Alistair has worked in technology for over 20 years, with over 12 years of this in eCommerce across a diverse range of businesses. This has given him an excellent perspective of the technical and process challenges of managing digital content. Alistair is deeply passionate about technology and strives to deliver the most customer-focussed solution on fit for purpose, forward-looking technology. Alistair brings this passion to lead the development of the SKUlibrary platform to be the best solution for managing product content.


Gill Smythe

Head of Finance & People

Gillian is a qualified Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years’ experience in financial strategy and operations. Prior to joining SKUvantage, Gillian was CFO of another highly successful local technology start-up. With previous roles at Macquarie Group and KPMG, Gillian brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the business. Gill is passionate about ensuring efficient and profitable business processes and developing people to the best they can be. This helps SKUvantage deliver a low-cost operation for our clients and the exceptional service for which we are known.


Leon Obradovic

Head of Product

Leon is highly analytically minded, a problem solver at heart and has a passion for technology which extends beyond his professional life. He has worked for over 10 years with an extensive selection of technologies, systems and organisations to implement, manage and continuously improve systems/processes. With this blend of skills and experience, he is the ideal person to be leading the development of innovative solutions to making the complex simple for our clients and enjoys seeing the results in the continuous development of SKUlibrary.


Amanda Hayes

Client Success Manager

Amanda has a wide range of experience across manufacturing, retail and brand organisations, covering process improvement, sales, digital strategy and senior management. This broad exposure has given her first-hand experience of the challenges of product content and how it affects brands’ and retailers’ ability to operate efficiently and how it impacts customers and the bottom line. She has total empathy with how our solution suite drives value for clients and likes nothing more than seeing clients save time and effort as they get more value from our technology and services.


Ben Dawson

Technology Platform Operation Manager

From his many years of experience in systems administration, operations and logistics, project management and software implementations, Ben intimately understands the challenges and consequences of bad data. With his broad knowledge of business process and technology, combined with his unflappability, Ben is perfectly suited to helping smoothly transition clients onto the SKUlibrary platform. Ben takes great satisfaction in seeing the benefit that SKUlibrary brings to our clients’ systems, processes and teams as they get more out of their product content with less effort.


Kat Cairns

SKUcapture Business Manager

Kat is an accomplished business services manager with over 20 years’ experience building successful relationships in a wide range of businesses and member-based organisations. She has acquired an excellent understanding of how to engage and communicate effectively with a diverse audience and deliver a personalised managed service to clients. Among other things, Kat manages our SKUcapture process and brings a passion for helping suppliers get their product content delivered easily, efficiently and effectively to their retailer customers.


The SKUlibrary TEAM


We know the only way to create great things is with great people. The team that makes SKUlibrary the leading platform of its type, and delivers our excellent service is made up of a passionate group of individuals with a diverse range of industry experience, who all work together to create the best outcomes for our clients. Uniquely for a technology business, we actually use our own product – the whole team uses SKUlibrary every day, including the SKUvantage team for creating product content. So we all have a vested interest in making SKUlibrary easy to use, for ourselves as well as our clients.