How Oroton uses SKUvantage and SKUlibrary to support its multi channel strategy

The Challenge

Luxury handbags and fashion accessories require numerous high-quality images per product to give the brand and premium products the online representation they deserve. The product listings also need to be described and categorised accurately and efficiently to get products on the shelf as fast as possible with minimal team effort.

It is also helpful to make the process as easy as possible such that all team roles, from photographers to copywriters, can do what they need to do without needing system experts.  But managing a process with spreadsheets and shared drives directly into an e-commerce platform across such a large range can lead to mistakes and sometimes chaos.

The Solution

To deliver high-quality imagery to its web site quickly Oroton turned to SKUvantage and the SKUlibrary platform. The SKUvantage team photograph and edit products at high volume and load these into SKUlibrary. Workflow notifies the Oroton digital team of the status of products and availability for enrichment, which can also happen in parallel to image editing, further reducing the time to shelf.

This is supported with a feed of data from the Oroton ERP system, to give the Oroton team all the information they need in one place. Once approved in SKUlibrary images and data flow to the Oroton eCommerce platform (eCommerce) without a spreadsheet or shared drive in sight. To support dealing with customer queries, in-store colleagues also get access to the full range back catalogue through read-only access to SKUlibrary on the POS, supporting a full end to end solution from purchase to after-sales care.

The Result

The integrated approach between the SKUvantage product content production service and easy to use SKUlibrary platform has significantly reduced the time and effort for Oroton to create, manage and publish products. There is also reduced dependency on “system experts”, which reduces business risk.

Oroton is able to get products to shelf faster, delighting customers with innovative styles earlier than was previously possible, whilst supporting stock sell-through. The resulting higher business efficiency and lower clearance rates drives higher overall profitability. In-store teams are also able to use the SKUlibrary platform to query the back catalogue and engage with customers in ways that further add to Oroton’s excellent customer service.

The Oroton approach to product content illustrates how the SKUvantage and SKUlibrary solution drives business efficiency whilst delighting customers

What Oroton says...

“To help manage its product catalogue and get products online rapidly, Oroton uses SKUlibrary as its product information management platform. SKUlibrary is used to enrich product data such as price,  merchandising attributes,  descriptions and images. SKUlibrary is, further available as an online catalogue for all Oroton colleagues to easily access product information they need to support a customer’s multichannel shopping experience.”

“SKUvantage also shoots handbags and other accessories for Oroton. This has the additional benefit that the products that are shot by SKUvantage for Oroton are loaded directly into SKUlibrary by our colleagues. The ultimately means a quicker turnaround by the Oroton team for immediate publishing. This results in more time on the digital shelf, and more sales, for less effort.”

Head of eCommerce, Oroton

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