Mobile Ready Hero Images
To win on mobile, brands must deliver a shopping experience that quickly converts browsers to buyers within the limited screen real estate available on a phone.

“Mobile Ready Hero Images” have been developed to realise this opportunity.

As mobile usage continues to increase for research and purchase, suppliers are now looking to update their product image library to include images suitable for mobile devices.
Studies have shown that this type of imagery increases sales vs. those for products without this treatment.
Some retailers are now asking for this type of imagery as standard from their suppliers.

Mobile Ready Hero images make it really easy for consumers to identify the product variant and size


There are standard guidelines for the design of Mobile Ready Hero images

What is a mobile-ready hero image?
  • Created specifically for online retail to act a the primary image in search
  • Are designed to work well on all screen sizes that are typical for online retail (mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop)
  • Allows the online shopper to better recognise your Brand, format, variant and size, in a vertical or landscape tab
  • Can be zoomed and/or cropped to deliver better legibility & recognition of brand and variant
  • There are standard guidelines for the design of Mobile Ready Hero images to ensure they are consistent across a retailer’s site

How SKUvantage can help

SKUvantage has developed a service to create, store and feed these images to Coles, so our clients can easily take advantage of this opportunity.

Create: We develop your “Mobile Ready Hero Images” to the accepted standard using a templated process aligned to your products’ needs

Store: The images are stored on SKUlibrary at no extra cost and are readily accessible in the normal way by your customers

Feed: Images are fed automatically to Coles, separately to the catalogue image, meaning you can have a different catalogue and online image

To get going with “Mobile Ready Hero Images”, just fill in the form or select the option when briefing in your products.