Mitre 10 uses SKUlibrary to source and manage its product content effectively

The Challenge

Tradies and consumers are increasingly using digital channels to buy online, but also research products before buying in-store. Having a credible digital presence is therefore critical for any hardware retailer to support its store business.

However, there is a wide diversity of products across the range, with a broad spectrum of capability in the supplier base to deliver the required product content. When further developing its digital strategy, Mitre 10 needed a solution quickly that could be used by its e-commerce team without unnecessary complexity to drive the quality and completeness of the product content across the range.

The Solution

To deliver on its digital ambitions quickly and effectively, at low cost, Mitre 10 selected SKUlibrary as its product information management (PIM) platform. Mitre 10 also recruited the SKUcapture process to source product content from its suppliers and minimise the work for their small team.

A data model was configured to Mitre 10’s requirements to enable product enrichment to proceed in parallel with re-developing the site and the integration to Magento. Additionally, with a number of Mitre 10’s suppliers already being clients of SKUlibrary this also provided significant amounts of free product content that could be delivered directly into Mitre 10’s SKUlibrary catalogue (see left).

The Result

Mitre 10 was able to go live with its enhanced e-commerce offering on time, with a more credible range and a lot less stress than is normally the case with such B2C ecommerce projects. The Mitre 10 team were also able to focus their efforts on critical project areas of customer experience, platform development and merchandising, rather than chasing product content.

With product content enrichment working in parallel with IT development, this was removed as a critical path dependency, avoiding the usual frantic chasing for product content that often accompanies e-commerce projects. Mitre 10 has delivered a stronger foundation to support its store base with a better customer proposition and give consumers the information they need when buying online and researching for in store purchase.

Our work with Mitre 10 illustrates how our solution suite works together to deliver more product content for less client and supplier effort

What Mitre 10 said:

“SKUlibrary and the SKUvantage team have been critical to the success of our ecommerce business. Their easy to use SKUlibrary platform has provided a welcome relief from using spreadsheets and shared drives to manage data and images, whilst keeping our product range organised and easy to update.”

“The SKUcapture process has been essential in sourcing product content from our suppliers, giving us the capacity to source the necessary quantity of product images and data from our suppliers for a successful launch. The combination of the expertise and customer service of the SKUvantage team and the fit for purpose SKUlibrary platform has helped to give a great foundation to our ecommerce business.”

Jacque Derksen, Mitre 10

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