Using SKUlibrary to the MAX

Below is a summary of some of the capability of SKUlibrary that you might not instantly think of, but which you might want to explore further. If you are a client wanting more information about how to use any of these features please just raise a ticket in the chat in SKUlibrary.

And if you are not a client… There are many other tools and features, that are core to the platform, that are not outlined below. We would love to give you a demo as to why so many leading brands use SKUlibrary to help make their products look good online. Please just get in touch for a demo.

Feeds to Retailers


NEW: Instant syndication to our retailer clients

We have a number of retailers using SKUlibrary as their product information management (PIM) platform. For these clients, they get in page presentation of our brand clients products. They can then select which product content to ingest and copy it to their catalogue with the click of a button. You can watch a video of this highly innovative technology in action.

Instantly see retailer requests

NEW: Instantly see retailer requests

We have a number of retailers using our SKUcapture service to source product content from their suppliers, including from suppliers that are not clients of ours. If a retailer wants a product from a SKUlibrary vendor and that product is currently not on SKUlibrary, you will now see retailer logo at the top of your dashboard with the number of products being requested. You then have a choice as to whether to provide it only to the retailer requesting it or to load it into SKUlibrary for normal syndication to all retailers. Clicking on the icon takes you to the retailer catalogue where you can upload images and add the data and copy they are requesting.

Product Feed to Storbie

NEW: Product Feed to Storbie

SKUlibrary feeds product content to Storbie to provide smaller pharmacies and liquor chains an instant product catalogue with maintenance feeds. This gets our products into hundreds of additional online stores, both in New Zealand and Australia. Read more about the launch of their liquor initiative. Just more reasons to keep your product content maintained!

Product Feed to MyFoodLink

NEW: Product Feed to MyFoodLink

SKUlibrary feeds product content to MyFoodLink to provide smaller smaller grocery stores access to our clients product content. This gets our products into over 500 smaller grocery stores and this is a valuable source of product content for these stores to sell more of our clients product.


NEW: Integrate with Magento without the headaches

Many B2B and B2C businesses use Magento as their e-commerce platform. Often, an integration between a PIM and e-commerce platform is the stuff of IT nightmares to deliver well. SKUlibrary has partnered with Balance Internet to ensure that such integrations with Magento progress smoothly with little effort for the retail or brand client.


Simplifying Loading Content to Amazon

Amazon is clearly in Australia to stay and has recently launched Prime and Pantry. Many of our clients are now listing their products on Amazon. To make this easier, we have created some world-first technology to simplify the process of loading images and data. If you would like access to this (at no cost), please get in touch.

New Feed to Big W

New Feed to Big W

An automated feed of product content to Big W is now live. Given the breadth of products in Big W, including baby formula, chocolates, beauty and general merchandise, we suggest checking the quality of your product content and that your products ranged in Big W are on SKUlibrary.

Rich Content on Chemist Warehouse

Rich Content on Chemist Warehouse

We have been working with Chemist Warehouse to deliver rich and engaging content to their site, including 360 spins, video and informational graphics. This is a very exciting opportunity for our clients. For more information on how to make use of this, just go here.


Extended Content Images on Woolworths

It is now possible to load additional images onto Woolworths’ Online. These can be used to give consumers visual information about products’ features and benefits. Given the success of their Click and Collect strategy, this is an exciting opportunity. Simply submit these with your brief.

Better Product Content on Coles Liquor

Better Product Content on Coles Liquor

We are working with Coles Liquor to improve the quality and breadth of product content on their sites. Opportunities include zoom, video, 360 spins and extended descriptions. Get ready by ensuring your full range and content is on SKUlibrary.

Improved Content Syndication to EDG

Improved Content Syndication to EDG

Whilst we have been integral to how Endeavour Drinks Group manages product content for some years, we have launched out an improved syndication process from our clients’ catalogue to that of BWS and Dan Murphy. This will make getting our clients’ content on these sites more seamless. If your images on Dan Murphy or BWS are not matching SKUlibrary, please use this form and we will chase up on your behalf.

Feeding Content to Google Shopping

Feeding Content to Google Shopping

Our feed to Google Manufacturer Centre ensures that better images and data are available when consumers search for your products on Google. We have more clients signing up for this, and Google now has a process in place to manage brands joining. To make us your Google partner, go here.

Feed Content to Your Retailers

Feed Content to Your Retailers

The easiest way for us to ensure your product content is up to date on retailers’ sites is for them to have a feed of data and images to their site. Such a feed also saves them time, cost and drives sales. If you have retailer clients who you think can benefit from this, just direct them here.

Simplifying the Uploading to any Retailer

Simplifying the Uploading to any Retailer

Not all retailers can accept an API feed. So for many retailers for whom we do not feed content, it is possible to download your product content from SKUlibrary in their upload format. Just click “Template” on the Download page. Please send us any templates for retailers to build into SKUlibrary.

Driving Product Content Quality

NEW: FMCG lifestyle photography

NEW: FMCG lifestyle photography

We have a broad range of product photography skills at SKUvantage including spritzing, render creation and 360 spins. We have been doing all this for years, but find an increasing demand from our clients for lifestyle photography, to give consumers more contextual imagery. You can see some examples of our work here. This is typically done at a fraction of the cost of a traditional agency. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Health Check Report

Use the Health Check Report to Spot Gaps

The starting point of product content quality is ensuring that images, data & copy are complete across the range. The Health Check report, in the “My Account” section, in combination with the new 5-star rating, is being widely used by our clients to drive product content quality and completeness.

ERP to SKUlibrary

Feed your Full Range from ERP to SKUlibrary

Having your full range on SKUlibrary ensures that you have all product information available to all customers. Managing this can be painful is and rarely done well. With a feed of your range from your ERP system to SKUlibrary, you can then easily identify products that are missing content.


SKUlibrary as a Source of Truth for Auditing

Once your content is complete, you need reporting as to its presence on retailers’ sites against the SKUlibrary source of truth. With the completion of a feed to Clavis, we now serve content to all three content audting platforms (including Profitero and Brandview). Go here to learn more.

Saving Time and Cost

Google sheets

NEW: Data delivered live to a Google Sheet

We can now deliver your product data live to a Google sheet, and for this to be updated every day. This means you can use a single reference for your data in multiple Google sheets, from which you can write reports, do pivot tables, without having to download the data. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination.

custom tile

NEW: Custom tiles to get to groups of products quickly

You can now create a “Saved Search” as a custom tile on the dashboard page, making it faster to navigate to products that you are interested in. To use this just select “Save as Tile” and select and colour and icon when creating a saved search.

lots of images

NEW: Bulk image download requests

If you need to download thousands of images, this can result in many GB of data and can take time to achieve, even through SKUlibrary. We have now created a service to provide thousands of images in your naming convention and size requirements. This can be helpful if you are populating a new web with many thousands of images. You can read more about this and submit a request as required.


Easy Reporting of Product Content Issues

Our aim is to ensure our clients’ content is up to date on retailers’ web sites. However, for a variety of reasons (usually nothing to do with us), some things go amiss. Clients can now report issues relating to product content on retailers’ sites that we feed, here. We then investigate and resolve these.


Create Planogram Images & Flexible Naming

It is now possible to download images (slots 1-6) suitable for planogram, with these being trimmed to the edges of the product. You can then also rename images by almost numerous formats in SKUlibrary. This will save our clients’ teams a huge amount of time.

piggy bank

Lower Cost Content Production

For product content production, many of our clients find that SKUvantage is a much lower cost than their agencies. For example, a render from artwork is only $90-150 instead of the >$400 that many other providers charge, and spritzing can be as low as $150 per product, instead of >$1000 in some cases. If you would be like to compare the cost of our services, please get in touch.

SKUlibrary CDN

Feed Images Anywhere with SKUlibrary CDN

With SKUlibrary’s new CDN (Content Distribution Network) you can now easily source the latest image for your product with a simple file path, which will mirror the image on SKUlibriary. This is useful for delivering the latest images into your own applications, without having to take a feed.


Save Money on Barcodes and Verification

Many of our clients are using us for barcode verification, saving around 40% of their current costs, with a faster service. Some are also choosing to do this process themselves. Other clients are buying their barcodes outright, avoiding the high annual recurring fees. Go here to learn more.

Supporting Digital Strategy Execution

Customised API response

NEW: Customised API response

Our API has been able to send configured API responses to systems for years, for example including all liquor products for a specific brand, or category. However we are now able to do this by including responses to highly specific queries e.g. “include all liquor products modified by a specific person, on a specific day, with a specific attribute”.


NEW: Infographic

If you ever wondered how SKUlibrary supports the distribution of your product content, this infographic summarises the key facts and stats. One particularly pleasing metric, is that from a survey of retailers, we achieved a Net Promoter Score of around 55 (Apple is around 68). However we will work continuously to make this even higher.


SKUlibrary as a DAM

Imagine being able to (1) store all non-product content assets separately on SKUlibrary (2) attached a selection of these assets to a group of products, for a time-based campaign (3) easily share everything with your customers. You can also share and modify carts. Get in touch if you would like a demo.

Brand Site

Your Brand Site as the Information Authority

Your brand site should be the authority for product information about your own products. If keeping your product content up to date and aligned on your brand site is a challenge, talk to us about a feed. A number of our clients are taking advantage of this to underpin their digital strategy.


Giving All Teams the Information They Need

We have more clients using SKUlibrary to feed both field sales tools and customer service platforms. This gives their teams the up to date information they need when dealing with customers or consumers. This can also include non-consumer content configured to your requirements..


Feed Your Content (almost) Anywhere

We are now able to more rapidly develop feeds into just about any format and platform, including major e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce etc.) and your own applications. This may save your teams significant time in making content consistent across all systems. Read more about all possible integrations here.


TGA & TAPS attributes for Pharmacy

If you sell pharmacy products, you should now have the ability to enter key data required by NZ and Australia therapeutic goods regulators. This will be passed on to retailers. It is recognised that the Australian requirements are not clear, and we are working with retailers to refine what is actually required.

New Briefing Form

New Briefing Form

With the increase in our breadth of services, we have recently launched a new briefing form. This will make it easier for our clients to specify what they do and do not require. It also provides more explanatory information as to what each service element is and how it helps your multi-channel strategy. Search for “brief” in the SKUlibrary help system to get to the form.

New Help Pages

New Help Pages

We are recently reviewed and expanded our entire help system (which can be accessed on the right of the screen after log in), and also providing in context help as part of live chat. If you have any questions not covered, please request a new help article for a topic you need.

Self-service for Brief Status and Invoices

Self-service for Brief Status and Invoices

If you have submitted a brief, you can now get the status of these without contacting anyone at this page. For all invoicing related matters, you can now self serve a number of processes here. For other assistance use the help pages or just use the live chat function in the bottom right of SKUlibrary.

Have a feature request?

We are continuously developing SKUlibrary. If you have any requests for functionality that will save you time or help get your products on retailers web sites, please email with your suggestions.