How L’Oreal uses SKUlibrary to deliver on its digital ambitions & business objectives

The Challenge

L’Oréal has been an early adopter in leveraging digital channels as a key component of its global strategy.  Not only is L’Oréal’s target demographic generally more predisposed to digital research,  purchase and content sharing, but with so many iconic marque’s, driving brand equity is crucial in an increasingly competitive and fragmented category.

However, with over 10,000 products across a diversity of health and beauty categories, managing product information for a business the size of L’Oréal Australia is a real challenge. This is compounded by the plethora of channels and organisations needing to receive this product content efficiently and in a timely way; including small to major traditional retailers, a diversity of pure play online retailers, internal teams and own brand sites.

The Solution

If not executed well, instead of being an opportunity, the generation and distribution of product content would become a barrier to success. To solve this problem, L’Oréal Australia partnered with SKUvantage in 2014 and employed their SKUlibrary platform to  manage, share and distribute product content  in digital channels.

With such a large and diverse organisation, L’Oréal Australia gave the topic of product content an owner within the business who worked with SKUvantage to educate brand teams on the importance of digital product content and support them in populating the SKUlibrary platform. SKUvantage then worked with retailers to maximise the distribution of this product content through SKUlibrary to help drive sales and brand engagement.

The Result

SKUvantage and the SKUlibrary platform became a critical success factor in their digital success by giving L’Oréal digital team significantly improved content delivery capability. L’Oréal has achieved premium rich content into retailers’ websites, feeds of product content to its own internal e-commerce sites, and feeds from their ERP system to SKUlibrary to ensure an efficient alignment of assets between systems.

By working together with SKUvantage, L’Oréal Australia has achieved broad digital leadership within its categories. This success has supported the delivery of its broader business objectives in all channels along the path to purchase, both online and in-store, and ensured alignment with retailer customers’ digital strategies.

Using SKUlibrary to drive product content for L'Oreal is a perfect example of how to drive brands' digital strategies more effectively but with less effort

What L'Oreal says...

“Digital execution is a key component of L’Oréal’s global strategy. It is essential that we work with partners who can help us deliver on our digital objectives for us to achieve our broader goals. We have worked with SKUvantage and the SKUlibrary platform for over 5 years and this has been a critical factor in our success. 

Not only are retailers and our colleagues able to easily access product images and information, but SKUvantage works with retailers to deliver this as feeds to their web sites, including with rich content assets to tell compelling brand stories and engage our target consumers. Combining L’Oréal’s ERP and also B2B Ordering Portal with the SKUlibrary platform has reduced ongoing maintenance work for our teams, while the SKUlibrary platform developments have allowed us to innovate and improve the capability we have to engage with our retailer customers.”

Alex Tyrrell, L’Oreal

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