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The vast majority of Australia’s leading FMCG brands use SKUlibrary to reduce the effort of giving buyers the information they need in digital channels

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  • An incredibly easy-to-use platform for your teams and customers
  • Distributes product content to  a diversity of retailers
  • Helps to download content in retailer templates, including Amazon
  • Acts as a single source of truth for your organisation and related systems
  • Feeds through to various marketing channels including Google
  • Provides tools to support improving product content quality
  • Supports creation of bundles of marketing assets for a product
  • Complimented with high quality product content production services
  • Can deliver rich content feeds  to engage consumers
  • Syndicates images directly into our retailer partners (even better than a feed)
  • Stores our low-cost barcode verification reports


SKUlibrary product


SKUlibrary product

Product information management is a huge challenge for most brands. Executed poorly it leads to lower sales, higher costs and frustration for teams and buyers.


Consumers use product information to research websites for online and instore purchase

The Online Consumer IS the Store Consumer

Giving consumers the information they need to make a purchase choice is essential. After all, significant investments are made to achieve this in the physical domain, with on-pack copy and data extolling product benefits and unique selling points.

When shopping in-store, consumers are able to study this on-pack information to determine if a product meets their needs and is aligned to their purchase preferences. Many consumers will also do further research in store using their phones. However even basic product content is often not replicated in digital domains, and the consumer’s research is rarely enhanced with additional content.

Too many products are displayed on retailers’ and brands’ own websites without product information, multiple images and the engaging information that consumers need. Whilst often this is due to limitations on the retailers’ website, a significant contributing factor is suppliers not providing this product information to retailers.

The reasons for this will be familiar to many suppliers.

Dealing with the Challenge

Creating, managing and distributing product information is not a core capability of the average supplier. Few brands have the in-house expertise to create cost-effective product imagery, structure product data, and ensure it is delivered effectively in the hugely diverse and often complex ways that retailers require.

Unsurprisingly, there are few volunteers within brand and marketing teams to do the drudgerous but necessary work, to make brand products look good online. With all the other daily pressures, the dry task of product information is usually forgotten. Simply giving the problem to retailers does not wash. Retailers do not want to have to deal with the myriad of methods by which suppliers prefer to deliver this product information, and will often simply not list products for which they have missing product content.

As a result, expensive marketing campaigns move consumers to the point of awareness and interest but then fail to convert because of lacking information at the point of purchase. These challenges result in lower sales, lower return on investment in new product development and more costs in dealing with the retailers’ requests.

Simply put, without good product content, a product simply underperforms compared to its true potential, or better presented competitor products.

Most vendors do not have the in-house skills to create and manage product content

The SKUlibrary platform and SKUvantage services are the fit for purpose solution to simplifying product information creation, management and distribution

A 2 minute overview of the basic problem solved by SKUlibrary


SKUlibrary can act as a single source of truth for internal and external systems. Read more here

A holistic solution

SKUvantage was founded by former online retailers who intimately understood this challenge. The unique SKUvantage ecosystem of services and technology, supports the creation, management, syndication and publishing of product content and is used by hundreds of retailers and brands.

The SKUvantage solution suite is explicitly designed to solve the problem of how to deliver good product content to consumers. The core to this solution is the highly innovative SKUlibrary platform that helps drive sales whilst reducing cost with less effort, and helps brands extract more value from their product content.

Many brands use SKUlibrary as a single source of truth for product content, feeding retailers, brand sites, ecommerce platforms, fields sales tools and other marketing channels. The technology is complemented by  SKUvantage services which provide cost-effective photography, render creation, data transcription, description writing, video and barcode verification reports. This combination of technology and service results in a turnkey solution to brands to get consumers the information they need and enhance product and brand performance.

SKUlibrary directly feeds this on-pack, enhanced and rich content to a diversity of small and large retailers, often creating an even more informative experience online, than in-store. SKUlibrary also saves time with effortless distribution of product content to colleagues and external customers via email but without annoying file sharing programs. This also includes the ability to download content in retailer upload formats – including that of Amazon, which is particularly challenging.

To drive performance, platform tools also report on product content completeness and content can be fed to third party auditing tools. This gives an instant view of the health of brands digital product content at source and as seen by consumers on retailers’ sites. And the SKUvantage team is always available to help refresh and update content when required.

All this means your brands are better presented to consumers, with less effort. Leaving you to focusing what you do best.

An investment in product content is highly compelling. It is the 1% of your marketing budget that drives the performance of the other 99%!

A Compelling Investment

SKUlibrary frees up brand teams to focus on what they do best; brand and new product development, with the confidence that product features and benefits will be communicated efficiently and cost-effectively to consumers. Investment in product content is usually a fraction of 1% of the overall marketing budget, yet it enables and amplifies the performance of the other 99%.

It is no surprise that with this focus, SKUlibrary has become the leading product information management solution for brands in Australia. Over 200 FMCG companies, including over 80% of the top 50 brand-driven FMCGs use SKUlibrary to realise the opportunity of digital to give consumers the information they need, supporting their purchase journey both online and instore.

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SKUlibrary includes a huge amount of innovative features and capability. Learn more here

The SKUlibrary feature set has been confirmed by our multi-national clients as world-class and certainly leading in Australia. Feel free to ask for a reference.

SKUlibrary contains a huge number of innovative features to help our clients create, manage and share product content with ease.

More features are being added all the time and you can see some of the capability to help MAX out your use of SKUlibrary here

SKUlibrary integrates with a variety of systems and client platforms, from ERP systems, to brand sites and content auditing platforms.

This saves time re-keying content and re-uploading images. It also helps ensure that your product content on SKUlibrary is used as a source of truth.

One of the most innovative features in SKUlibrary is the ability for our retailer clients to easily syndicate product content from our brand clients.

Just watch this video to see how much time this saves brands and retailers in giving good product content to consumers.

Solve your product content challenges

To book a demo and learn how SKUlibrary and SKUvantage services and solutions can help your business get better and more product content in front of buyers, faster and with less effort, please just get in touch.