The importance of efficiency when managing product information.

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When consumers choose where to buy in digital channels, many factors play a part, including price, range, fulfilment options and customer experience. One of the most important components of customer experience is the quality of product information available on site. Spending marketing dollars to get the buyer to the point of purchase and then force them to research the product elsewhere due to lack of product information, is a total waste of money and negatively affects your brand.

This puts pressure on brands to deliver ever more content to ensure their customers get the information they need to make a purchase decision. And with the huge range of products, and stock perishing on shelf, ploughing through the enormous amount of product content rapidly, without demorialising colleagues, is essential.

Having a platform and service that helps brands efficiently get products to market faster is therefore essential to success.

Many brands choose Australia’s SKUlibrary platform as a single source of truth for managing product content. Not only does this make managing product content straight forwards, it also feeds retailers, brand sites, ecommerce platforms, fields sales tools and other marketing channelsm saving time rekeying and re-uploading product information.

The easy to use platform is complemented by SKUvantage services which provide cost-effective photography, render creation, data transcription, description writing, video and barcode verification reports. This combination of technology and service results in a turnkey solution to brands to get consumers the information they need and enhance product and brand performance.

SKUlibrary directly feeds on-pack, enhanced and rich content to a diversity of small and large retailers, often creating an even more informative experience online, than in-store. SKUlibrary also saves time with effortless distribution of product content to colleagues and external customers via email but without annoying file sharing programs. This also includes the ability to download content in retailer upload formats – including that of Amazon, which is particularly challenging.

This efficiency in working with a business partner that provides a full turnkey solution means your teams have more time to work on other marketing strategies and grow sales.

The team at SKUvantage can help brands create, manage and share product content within their business and across their various business partners with a full suite of solutions.

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