Please post product in pristine condition to SKUvantage: Unit 25, 28-36 Roseberry Street, Balgowlah, 2093, NSW

If you are providing images, they need to comply to retailer requirements. All images must be a minimum of 3550px and 300dpi. Please see our FMCG Image Specification and Drinks Image Specification for more information.

UPDATE 22nd Sept 2017: Due to the updated style guide requirements from Woolworths, if you are providing images, we now require images of all sides of the product, and any renders must match the packaging perfectly (i.e. no artistic licence to remove content).  Without these, the images will still be fed to catalogue and other retailers, but not be fed to Woolworths online. Please see the help article on SKUlibrary for more information.


If you are having any issue with this form, please fill this form out here