As 2017 draws to a close, it is increasingly clear that having full product content is going to be essential to deliver your plans for 2018.
  • Retailers are demanding more product content to help sell product online and in-store
  • More FMCGs are developing direct to consumer strategies, which require good content
  • The launch of Amazon and other initiatives create enormous opportunities and threats
  • Increasing cost pressures mean FMCGs need efficient ways to share their content
  • Consumers expect product content. Poor content negatively affects brand perception

To realise your opportunities for 2018 it is essential to ensure your
product content is up scratch and you are using SKUlibrary effectively.

Check the quality of your product content using our “Heath Check” tool.


We want our clients to be successful and we can rapidly help you improve your score. We have done this for numerous clients, taking their scores from VERY POOR to PERFECT in a few weeks.

The ways you can self-improve your product content include:

    • Providing images for all sides of your products (as is now required by various retailers)
    • Ensure your descriptions are complete, with keywords
    • Ensuring data is captured across your products’ attributes
    • Providing rich product content (video and spins etc.)
    • Feeding this content to your brand sites (we can help make one for you)

Just get in touch if you need support on any of the above